Thursday, July 30, 2015

21 Day No Junk Food Challenge

21 Day No Junk Food Challenge
Fat/Dairy (cheese, cream cheese, butter, ice cream)
Candy (including chocolate and gummies)
Baked Goods (cookies, cake, biscuits, scones, donuts, muffins, pastries, pies, white bread, and white wraps)
Potatoes (white)
Rice or Pasta
Fried Food
Fast food (including Chinese, pizza, and Mexican)
Spreads (including peanut butter and Nutella)
Sugary drinks (including juice, soda, sweet tea, cream tea, frap.s, and beer)
Lean Pockets and other "Lean" meals with pasta, rice, or potatoes
Chips and Crackers
Sugar substitute (stevia, equal, or Splenda)

Protein (any low fat meat, fish, eggs, beans, fat free milk, almond or soy milk, fat free or low fat yogurt and protein drinks)
Fruit (all fresh, frozen, canned, and dried with no sugar added)
Vegetables (all fresh, frozen, dried, and canned including sweet potato)
Whole Grain (bread, wraps, oatmeal, and cereal)
Popcorn and Pretzels
Lean Cuisine frozen meals w/o pasta, rice, or potatoes
Low fat smoothies
Fat Free Pudding
Alcohol (max of 4 oz of wine or hard cider per week)

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